Kornelis (Cornelius) Doornbos

was born to Alje and Klaaske Doornbos.

Number 314.

At the year one thousand nine hundered and one at the twenty-third day of the month February is showed up for civil clerk of the Municipally Registration of the city Groningen, area Groningen, province Groningen Alje Doornbos, twenty-six years, laborer living at Groningen and declared that at the twenty-third of the month February  is born at 1 A.M. at Groningen is born a male child named Kornelis, son of Alje Doornbos and  his house wife Klaaske Doornbos,  without profession and living at Groningen.

This registration is made in presence of Johannes Carel Vriemoet, assistant house officer,  forty years old, and Jan Jakob Wolff,thirty-one years old, clerk both living at Groningen.

After the record is reading out it’s signed by the father and the two witnesses.
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Cornelius is buried in Rest Lawn Memorial Park
Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, USA

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