Alje (Albert) Doornbos

was the son of Kornelis and Grietje Doornbos.

Record number 31

At the year one thousand eight hundred seventy-five, at the twenty-fifth day of the month February shown up for me, Mayor, civil clerk of the Civil administration municipally Ten Boer, district Appingedam, Province Groningen Kornelis Doornbos, age twenty-seven, day laborer who declared the birth of a male child at Sint Annen,  at the twenty third day of this month at 10 A.M. to whom he gave the sure name Alje. The parents of the child are: Kornelis Doornbos above mentioned and Grietjes Bakker, day laborere both living at Sint Annen.

This declaration is made in present of Fenno de Vries, thirty-eight years old, black smith from Sint Annen and Geert Blinkwolt, forty-four years old, toll leaseholder from Ten Boer.

After this declaration is reading out, all signed.

He married Clara Doornbos.
Alje ~ Klaasee Doornbos Marriage

Record number 178.

At the year one thousand nine hundred , May 20, shown up for us clerk of the civil administration of the city Groningen, district and Province Groningen at the townhall:

Alje Doornbos, born at Sint Annen, at February, 23, 1875, age twenty-five, conscript in military service at the First Regiment Infantry, with indefinite furlough, laborer, living at Groningen, at age son of the late Kornelis Doornbos, laborer and deceased at Sint Annen and Grietje Bakker, without profession, living at Tne Boer at one side

And Klaaske Doornbos, born at Gasthuizen at June 18, 1877, 22 years old, without profession, living at Stedum, under age daughter of Fokke Doornbos, laborer , living at Stedum and the late Janna Hoekenga, wihout profession, died at Gasthuizen at the other side.

The mother of the groom and the father of the bride gave their permission for this wedding.

Bride and groom requested to start the ceremony. Banns had taken place at Groningen and Stedum.

Bride and Groom are asked in public if they take each other to man and wife and fulfill all the obligations the law demand. This is confirmed by the groom and bride. We pronounce them according to the Law Man and Wife.

This record is made in presence of Reinder de Vries, age 48, Pieter Westers, age 40, Lammert Brouwer, age 28 and Jacob Brilstra, age 23 , all laborer and living at Groningen.

After reading out this record, it’s signed by the groom, the bride and the witnesses. The mother of the bride declared she never learned to write.

Coming to America

Naturalization of Albert Doornbos
World War 1 registration

photo taken Susan Straw
Photo taken by Susan Straw

Albert is buried in Rest Lawn Memorial Park
Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, USA

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