This website was created to fill a need. It is my filing system… a place to keep all my Genealogy information organized and easily accessible. I have so much, I can’t find it on my computer when I want it, let alone make sense of it. This also allows me to keep my valuable research, pictures, etc. in off computer storage. While I am slightly OCD and have a variety of back-ups for my information, this website is another avenue.

The idea for this particular website came when I found on Family Search.org information that my dad was dead. No, he is not. Trying to get that information corrected has proven to be a major frustration. It seems that the rules have changed and now anyone can input or change information on your personal lineage. I believe their intent is to create one big lineage instead of multiple smaller ones. I also found much of the research that my Uncle has done over the years, changed or added to. This was unacceptable to me and he was understandably upset.

I had no intention of doing either the Jager/Doornbos or Straw/Fisher lineages, as there were already people in the family doing that research. I was well consumed with doing the research of my mom’s side of the family, of which is on another website. In light of the changes in the various genealogy websites, my uncle agreed to give me all his Jager/Doornbos documentation, so I could put it on a website and have more control over the information. As a gift to my husband and children, I also included their Straw/Fisher lines to give them a greater picture of their heritage.

This is a never-ending work in progress. It is my desire that it is easily accessible information and freely available to everyone. All of the information has been researched and vetted, although there is always the possibility of mistakes. If you should see something that needs correcting, please let me know via the cloaked email below. I have found places where I transposed numbers or transport myself to the wrong century.

I welcome the addition of family information… pictures, stories, etc. I do feel it is necessary to include those still living within lineages to celebrate their lives while they are still alive and complete the family picture, but please be aware that this is a public website and personal information of those still alive will not be published without consent, unless it is something that can be found already on the internet. I don’t do gossip. If it isn’t edifying to the family, it won’t be here… until after you are long beyond this world… and then only for the healing value.

It is my heart to always include the children who died young within lineages. They deserve to be recognized. Each one that I have found has a Memorial page and can be seen by clicking on the hyperlink within the lineage.

Hyperlinks are in a bold green color. Clicking on them should take you to a new window. Just click out of the window when you are finished with the page, instead of using your back button. Use the Search box if you already know what you are looking for, but not how to get there.

Have fun getting to know the Ancestors. They were Amazing.

Other websites…
AncestorSpeak.com – website of the Roetman/Apsey lineages.
AncestorSpeak.org – website dedicated to the children buried at the Point of Grave Cemetery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Sorry for the necessity of a cloaked email, but I have been inundated with SPAM using a contact form.