Frederick B. Straw

was born to Frederick and Catharine Straw.

Fred’s marriage to Margaret Zull ~ click image to enlarge
1880 census showing Fred and Margaret married  ~ with son, Roy ~ click image to enlarge
Marriage of Fred and Minerva Carey.  There are some inconsistencies in the dating. The date of marriage is shown to be 1884, while the registration of the document is 1883. The licence was obtained in 1883. ~ click image to enlarge

.pdf of source

.pdf of source

It is unknown where the final resting place of Frederick is.

This search has been difficult to vet.  While known as ‘Frederick B. or Fred Straw’ for most of his life, it seems that he switched identities for his second marriage.  He becomes ‘Benjamin Frederick or B. F. Stroh’.  His wife and children from this marriage are called ‘Stroh’.   Yet, in his obituary from his time in California, he is known as ‘Fred Straw’.