Beerd Gerrits Schuiteman

was the son of Gerrit Schuiteman and Grietje Eibrink.

number 35  

At the year eighteen hundred fifty-eight at the twenty-third day of the month April is shown up for us Henricus Smits, Mayor anv civil clerk of the municipally Doornspijk, province Gelderland : Gerrit Schuiteman, forty-one years old, day laborer, living at Doornspijk who declared that is born at Wednesday the twenty-first day of April at 10AM a male child from his housewife Grietje Eibrink, thirty-six years old. The child will be named : Beerd.

This record is made in presence of Gerrit Wynne, sixty-nine years old, farmer and Gerrit Eibrink. Forty-five years old, day laborer, both living at Doornspijk. After reading out this record is signed by all with exception of both witnesses who declared that they are not able to write.
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Photo taken April 20, 2017 ~ Susan Straw
Photo taken April 20, 2017 ~ Susan Straw

Bert is buried in Grandville Cemetery
Grandville, Kent County, Michigan, USA
Plot: 0-781-07-2SW



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