Marian Janet VanderMeiden


Photo taken August 15, 2017 ~ Susan Straw
John Straw standing next to stone – Photo taken August 15, 2017 ~ Susan Straw

Marian is buried in Lake Forest Cemetery
Grand Haven, Ottawa County, Michigan, USA

**It was an afternoon, late winter/early spring. I was sitting on my sofa, doing some craft work. I looked up and Marian was standing there. I knew Marian wasn’t really there, but… there she was. She said, “I just want you to know that I always loved you.” The implication was the ‘Family’. She said a few more things referring to herself in the past tense. I said, “Wait. You’re not dead.” She laughed and said, “I’m not?” and then she was gone. A few months later, the Straw family found out that Marian had died and we weren’t notified. Whether you believe in life after death or the ability of those who have passed to communicate with the living, I know Marian was in my room that day and she wanted to reassure the Straw Family how much we meant to her and she loved us like her own. For some of us, she was the only Mother-in-Law or Grandma we knew.   ~ Sue Straw, wife of John (Robert Straw 1917-1995)