Helen/Ellen Stewart

“Grandmother Duguid washed and dressed fifty white babies in to the world. In spite of all the work she had at home, she would go out and act as midwife. In the winter they would come and get her in a sleigh and take her for the work.” She also raised two orphaned grandchildren after her family had gone. She was the last survivor of the Covenanter Pioneers to Cedar Lake (Fremont Township)
Helen was fond of the following saying: “Shoe the old horse. Shoe the old mare. And let little colty’s feet go bare.”
Excerpt from…
~ William Duguid Descendants and History in America
Lee S. Duguid, Author
Published privately, Indiana, July 25, 1972

Photos taken by Susan Straw

Helen/Ellen is buried in Ray Cemetery
Fremont, Steuben County, Indiana, USA