Boy Doornbos

was the son of Kornelis and Grietje Doornbos.

Nr 111

At the year eighteen hundred seventy-three  at the twenty-fifth day of the month October shown up for us, Mayor and civil clerk of the municipally Ten Boer, district Appingedam, Province Groningen: Jan Schikkema, age 52, day laborer, and Henk Harms Vrij, 33 year, day laborer, both living at Stint Annen who make notice of the stillborn birth of a male child, born at the twenty-five day of this month at3.00 A.M. at Sint Annen, born out Grietje Bakker, day laborer, living at Sint Annen , wife of Kornelis Doornbos, day laborer and living at Sint Annen.

After reading out this record it’s immediately signed.